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2015 Calendar Bird Edition

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The Great Horned Owl on the cover page was taken across the street from where I live. During the summer when I took the dogs out before going to bed I heard a screech sound that was unfamiliar. A bit of research indicated it may be a young Great Horned owl, so I went looking the next time I heard it. Two showed up in a tree, and I managed to get this shot.


The Hawk Owl is seen in our area in the winter time. They nest further north, and individuals searching for hunting grounds are seen often in the high country. This one was beside the road on the way to Salmo surveying a field for voles to eat.


This Great Blue Heron was seen at Bird Marsh Creek, a very nice place to spend an hour.


The Blewett side of the old Taghum bridge is a rich environment worth checking regularly. One day this spring the light was golden and the Trumpeter Swans were posing for photos. This is a young bird who was being watched carefully by the adults.


The steely gaze has to do with the blood on it’s beak; are you edible (yes), can I take you down (no). Then it looks away for a more promising source of a meal. This was at Kokanee Park, and this Pygmy Owl let me get quite close.


The Townsend Solitaire is one of the early arrivals in the spring, and is quite pretty with it’s subtle colors. This was taken at Kokanee Park in March.


Harlequin Ducks arrive in May to nest on the shores of the cold fast flowing rivers. They look like they have neoprene wet suits with painted markings. The males stay around for a short while long enough to fertilize the eggs, then leave the females to hatch the young and teach them how to survive. This was taken on the Salmo River in May.


The Varied Thrush is common but not easy to see. They stick to the underbrush and move silently to disappear. Their hollow whistle is heard in the evenings during the summer. They look like a robin with a black stripe on their breast. This was taken on Clearwater Creek road in June.


The Common Loon can be seen on the West Arm of Kootenay Lake. This shot was taken at Kokanee Park in May.


We are privileged each year to see the Osprey nest and produce young. This is near Woodbury, and was taken in the middle of July.


This Hermit Thrush posed for 15 seconds at Champion Lakes this fall. They usually are very shy and hard to get a photo. It was taken in the middle of June.


The Northern Flicker is a common visitor to our yards, but I never tire of their colors. This was taken near home at the end of July.


Another sighting at Marsh Creek park. I had flushed this Wilson’s Snipe a few times in my walks, so I was watching for it. It saw us as we approached the swamp, hid behind some bushes. I stood still for about 10 minutes until it decided it was safe. It came out from behind the bushes and found a large beetle in the mud with it’s long beak. It took some chewing to break it and swallow it.


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